How to get sprinkle of jesus alerts

How to get sprinkle of jesus alerts

What is the sprinkle of Jesus app?

Sprinkle of Jesus is a Christian publication that not only shows you how to have a closer relationship with Christ , but teaches you how to live a life full of financial abundance. Through our online ministries we are committed to being agents of change.

Is sprinkle of Jesus legit?

Scam . Run. They use references to scripture, and put a show on like their Christians helping people. When you read most of the comments under the ‘ Sprinkle of Jesus app u would understand from some Christians who stop following and supporting them.

How does sprinkle of Jesus make money?

God will reward you with what you give Him.” To be clear she’s not passing the collection plate around to her followers; her earnings come solely from the advertisements on her site and the conglomerate of businesses her and her family have built beyond Sprinkle of Jesus .

Who owns sprinkle of Jesus?

Despite these abysmal statistics, Dana Chanel has figured out the secret sauce to success. At 25, Dana is a successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur and the creator of the number one Black-owned online beauty supply store, Curl Bible, and the number one online Christian ministry and mobile app Sprinkle of Jesus.

How much does alakazam apps cost?

Cost: $3,000 with $250 recurring charge for hosting fee for mobile app once app is submitted to Google Play and Apple app stores. Want to get into tech.

Did Dana Chanel go to college?

However, being an entrepreneur was not always in the books for her — as a young girl, she never could have imagined being a Latina entrepreneur at the age of 25. Chanel attended Community College of Philadelphia in 2012 but soon realized that it was not for her.

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Who is Prince Donnell?

Devout Christian best known as the Executive Vice President of the popular online ministry Sprinkle of Jesus. He is also the founder and CEO of the jewelry company Love, Carter.

How did Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell meet?

Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell , married serial entrepreneurs, initially met while attending the Community College of Philadelphia. Donnell , however, rediscovered Chanel on Instagram in 2015.

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