What is touchdown jesus

What is touchdown jesus

Why is it called Touchdown Jesus?

The statue, built in 2004 and dubbed “ Touchdown Jesus ,” was on the grounds of the Solid Rock Church. Standing six stories high, it was named “King of Kings” but colloquially became called “ Touchdown Jesus ” — the arms approximate the signal a referee makes for a touchdown in football.

What is Touchdown Jesus made of?

During a storm on June 14, 2010, the giant “King of Kings” styrofoam and fiberglass Jesus statue was struck by lightning and burst into flames. The statue was destroyed (a less athletic replacement is under construction).

Is Touchdown Jesus still visible?

Touchdown Jesus is know to millions who have never been near Notre Dame stadium. It is visible from fewer seats in the stadium, since the mid-90’s expansion, but the next time you watch a Notre Dame telecast, note how long it is before they show some or all of Touchdown Jesus .

When did Big Butter Jesus burn down?

From The Vault: ‘Touchdown Jesus’ goes up in flames after lightning strike in 2010. King of Kings statue at Solid Rock Church – commonly called “Touchdown Jesus” – burns after being struck by lightning on June 14, 2010 .

Where is Big Butter Jesus located?

The giant 62′ tall, iconic “King of Kings” Jesus statue known as “ Big Butter Jesus ” and “Touchdown Jesus ” located at Solid Rock Church near Monroe, Ohio just north of Cincinnati on I-75, was stuck by lightning and destroyed during a thunderstorm on Monday night.

Who painted Jesus touchdown?

American artist Millard Sheets was commissioned to create a work large enough to cover the entire side of the library facing Notre Dame’s football stadium. Fr. Theodore Hesburgh suggested that the theme should be saints and scholars through the ages. The artwork cost $200,000 and was donated by Mr.

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What happened Big Butter Jesus?

In case you forgot, the epic and iconic statue burned down after being hit by lightning on June 14, 2010. It was a fiery scene. Solid Rock Church King of King statue (AKA Big Butter Jesus and Touchdown Jesus ) burned to the ground on June 14, 2010. The 52-foot statue depicts Jesus with arms wide open.

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