Who composed jesus christ superstar

Who composed jesus christ superstar

Who wrote the original Jesus Christ Superstar?

Lyricist Tim Rice and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber , who met in 1965 when they were 20 and 17, respectively, enjoyed their first taste of shared success with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 1968.

When was Jesus Christ Superstar composed?

It was written in 1970 and first appeared as a concept album that year. The album sold over 3 million copies and was an international sensation.

Who played Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar?

2000 film – A second film adaptation which was more similar to the original London stage version, was filmed in 1999, and released around the world on video in 2000. It starred Glenn Carter as Jesus , Jérôme Pradon as Judas, Reneé Castle as Mary Magdalene , and Rik Mayall as Herod, and was directed by Gale Edwards.

Who recorded the video of Jesus Christ?

Music:Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Who wrote cats?

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