We’re Moving September 10th

09 10 17


4pm Sundays

4495 Columbia Road Ste 3-6.
Martinez, GA 30907

Calvary Chapel Augusta is moving locations beginning next Sunday, September 10th, 2017.  We have been blessed to serve and do family at the Augusta business center for several years, but the time has come to follow God in a new direction.


Short Version:

CCA will be sharing a location with another church in the area, called Revivify.
Because two churches will be using the same worship space, our weekly service time will (for the time being) move to 4 in the afternoon on Sundays.

Good Things:

  • More space for all ages of children’s ministry / classrooms!
  • More sanctuary room, so folks don’t have to sit out in overflow!
  • Plenty of room for fellowship and activities!
  • All in the same building / set of units!  No more kids ministry across the parking lot!

Longer Version:

The folks at Revivify are themselves being lead into new places of service, and as part of their calling, their current building will likely become vacant.  We will share the space with them for Sunday services as well as most other scheduled functions not including home group Bible studies.  When the Lord moves them out, the plan is for us to stay, and take over use of the facility.  All plans are exciting!  All plans are also up to the Lord!

Where is it?

The building is located at 4495 Columbia Road Suites 3-6 in Martinez, GA 30907.  Click the links on this page to get a map & directions.  Basically, we’ll be at the intersection of Columbia Road and Belair.

What time Sundays?

Because we’ll be sharing their meeting space, our Sunday morning services will have to shift to later in the day.  4pm has been determined for the time being.  This may change depending upon the facility’s availability, and our church’s needs.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about this.

So no more Sunday mornings?

Not for awhile, but the folks at Revivify are planning to move into a new facility.  When the Lord opens that door for them, we plan to take over as primary users of the facility they’re leaving behind.  At that time, Sunday morning services will likely resume.  All such planning is ultimately subject to God’s plans for both fellowships.

More Room for the Kids?


More Room in the Sanctuary?


Probably our own building in a few months?

That is the plan, if the Lord wills it!

But what about __________?

If you’ve still got questions or comments about this move, please PLEASE use the contact form below, or call the church and talk to us about what’s on your mind!

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